Thursday, September 20, 2007

Botanical Gardens

Tuesday afternoon, I went to Clemson to hang out with Will. We went to the SC Botanical Gardens. Now, it is September, so blooms were not exactly copious thus I do not have a ton of pictures of flowers for you. However, there are a few to follow...and you can go here to see photos of an old saw mill.

To be honest, the gardens were much smaller than I recall. I have no idea why. Maybe it's because last time I was there was with Mom and Leo...and we got lost. Ha-ha. Well, Will and I succeeded in not getting lost.

There is this thing:

We couldn't figure out what the heck it might be! There was no plaque or anything. So, just now, I looked it up on the SC Botanical Garden website and found something about it here. The Crucible.

And now, looking at the site, I see all kinds of really cool "Nature Inspired Sculptures" like this one:
I actually saw the building of this on TV and couldn't help but wonder why the heck someone would want to make a giant bird nest. But, either way, it's kinda neat. So, I figure, I really need to go back (with a map) and look at the other way cool sculptures.

It was a fun, relaxing, super-fantastic afternoon just wandering around the garden. It seemed that, for a good part of our time there, we had all it to ourselves.


[The first small waterfall we came across.]

[Little cabin in the woods...]

[Red dahlia! Sooo pretty!]


[I know this picture is slightly creepy because you cannot see Will's face. But I loooove the way the sky looks! In the photo using flash, the sky doesn't look the same. I took this picture laying down on a bridge. Ha-ha.]

[The reason I was laying down on the bridge...]

[This is the background of the above photo, though from a standing position.]

♥, Tiffany Anne


Anonymous said...

I was there Tuesday too... but I guess not the same time as you.

The weather was nice, wasn't it?


Tiffany Anne said...

Omg, I was going to mention that and then forgot. I couldn't stop talking about what a beautiful day it was! The sky was gorgeous.


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