Friday, September 21, 2007

...because who needs papers when you have cell phones

[Adil]: Hey honkie :-) Test today. You gonna show?
::I arrive to class late::
[Adil]: Disregard that one
[Tiffany]: Was studying, actually. But i don't think i learned a thing.
[Adil]: Lol. that happens. like the ridiculous off green jacket?!
[Tiffany]: i was confused until i looked over. That thing is pretty much incredible.
[Adil]: We're totally going to whatever of your choosing!
[Tiffany]: What are you talking about? Does it involve ice cream?
[Adil]: Well can we get ice cream after class?
[Tiffany]: Sounds like a plan.
[Adil]: But i meant for the music thing. lets hit something hard!
[Tiffany]: Super.
[Adil]: Text me the answers! thatd be the coolest
[Tiffany]: I didn't do it.
[Adil]: Lol!
[Adil]: You realize were passing notes right?
[Tiffany]: LOL. You're right! Too funny!

Yeah, so in music class, Adil and I text each other on our respective chocolates (his the newer version, mine the older) in broad fluorescent light and the teacher doesn't ever care. At all. So long as we don't make noise when a piece of music is being played and we don't talk when she's trying to teach, it's all good.

[I'm so fly.]

[Adil and the cat puppet.]

[Adil and me in the pimpmobile.]
♥, Tiffany Anne

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