Saturday, August 4, 2007

Well, those are butter mints. They're butter...with mint.

Rocked out the sexy little black dress tonight. Gotta love it.

Went to Heather & Jeremy's wedding and then to Brent's to drink yummy Merlot and play Halo and then to the movies with Clarke and company. I was a little overdressed for the Bourne Ultimatum, but it was so good.

I was late for the wedding because I had to turn around to get two things, one of which was the present, and then I took quite a few wrong turns. I'm usually really good with directions, but not today. I was supposed to be on Laurens and I'm far down Pleasantburg before I realize that I'm on the wrong road. And I go left when I should have gone right. And etc. It was really just annoying.

About presents. Girls can't skive off when it comes to wedding presents. A friend (who happens to be male) and I discussed this. Guys can get away with going to weddings and not getting anything because it's hardly expected of them. They're guys and you can't honestly expect them to go out on their own and look up what the bride & groom registered for. Apparently, guys know this and milk it. Girls cannot get away with that. Also, guys with significant others cannot get away with that because they have a girl who is expected to remember.

It was a beautiful backyard wedding with twinkle lights and everything. I love twinkle lights. But, ugh, weddings. Exactly what I want to do right now. And from what I hear from the older and wiser friends, the stage in my life has begun when everyone starts getting married all the time. Huzzah.

♥, Tiffany Anne


Anonymous said...

Yep, my brother is getting married today. I'm going to be all tux'd up. --mz

Anonymous said...

What is a twinkle light?

Tiffany Anne said...

White christmas lights. In "You've Got Mail" Meg Ryan calls them twinkle lights and I decided that I preferred that.

Anonymous said...

Well no wonder I didn't know what you were talking about. You've got mail is a chick flick.


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