Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Today's Tom Saywer Mean Mean Pride

I meant to post something yesterday, but by the time my day was over, I was just exhausted.

Tuesday went well. I woke up in just enough time to get to classes (I had been at Clemson late the previous evening). On my way out the door, I was on the phone with someone and there was a major moment of healing. Thank you. Again.

I climbed up to the third floor of the UT building only to realize that my classroom was not UT-327, but ET-327. One of my friends from COI is in that class--recently married too, how crazy is that! So, geography went well, I think I'll like my prof. Next came Probability & Statistics. I liked AP Stats better just because I never had to say "probability" and that word, really, is just a mouthful!

Today, after work, was my 2nd French class. The kid that sits next to me is okay. A good classroom friend, you know? Reminds me a lot of one of my bestest friends, Steven. Well, then he goes and asks is I would like to go out for a drink with him sometime. I was rather surprised because #1 he's only 20 and #2 I just met him. I think I'm too nice. Well, I said, "If you're trying to hit on me, well, then, the answer is 'no' but if you're not trying to hit on me, well, the answer is still 'no' because I can't afford it." Then he says that he thinks I'm "afraid" of him which just annoys me more and reeks of: "I think I'm so weird and different and that makes me sooo much cooler than everyone else."


♥, Tiffany Anne


Anonymous said...

Ha, I've been the the wrong building more than once on the first day. That sure does stink, especially when you have to walk into your real class ten minutes late!

Andrew, duh! said...

Eh, well, it can't be any weirder than me inviting my two undergraduate coworkers to the movie night that my roomie and I are putting on. If only because our apartment is in a really old building and the doors don't close right.
Or maybe it can...I dunno. I'm not even sure why I posted this.


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