Saturday, August 18, 2007

Times Square can't shine as bright as you

I haven't been updating very much interesting stuff to read lately (read: anything worth looking at what-so-ever). And I suppose that's because what has been on my mind lately is something that I don't feel comfortable discussing on here. How crazy is that. A few years ago I would say just about anything...and do I ever mean anything. But it's changed. Another part of why I don't want to share is because I know some of the people that read this and I don't want them to take it the wrong way and be all egocentric and think it's about them. (Just because I said egocentric, it's not about you. Promise.)

I even wrote a very obscure blog last night but not obscure enough to post. Ha-ha. Yay me.

Across the street at Mike's old boss's house men have been working every day. Even Sunday. I think they're re-doing his porch. They've got The Buzzard (96.7) blaring on the radio. They were playing "Basketcase" by Green Day and now they're playing CCR's "Up Around The Bend." Gotta love good music.

Speaking of which, I listened to a good portion of my Top 500 Rock Songs playlist yesterday. I got those songs last summer courtesy of Eric. Which makes me think of camp. And reading that silly book with Eric just about every night. And Will's makeshift regalia. And staying up late talking with too many people crowded into one room. And doing that techno dance thing to the music on Stephanie's phone. And dancing around the camp fire. And dancing around the meadow this year. And finally finding my groove. And rainbow colored underoos which are visible though regalia! (oops!) And staying at camp way later than I should just because it's fun to spend time with my 'family'. And being excited to see my executive meeting partner. And playing our favorite game. It starts with "jack" and ends with "snack." Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Buster was right.

Well, lucky for me, I'm going to Clemson Monday night. Fingers crossed, I'll get to see some of my favorite people. :-)

And oh! Now the radio station is playing "Hey There Delilah!" ::sigh:: This song has a very similar effect on me that romantic comedies do. Speaking of which, I watched "The Holiday" last night. It's my first Netflix rental from my very own account. It was so super good. I loved it! Love love loved it! Though, now, I'm thinking Netflix may be a bad idea for me because I'm bad about mailing things back in. We shall see. I also watched three movies with my parent's last night: Mystery Men, About A Boy, and Fever Pitch. Both About A Boy and Fever Pitch are based on books by Nick Hornby. And I'm thinking maybe now I should check out this Nick Hornby.

♥, Tiffany Anne

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