Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Love is incredible. I love my friends.

"OverAnalyzed: devoting exorbitant amounts of time to dissecting the aspects of my life piece by peace." I haven't really spent too much time on here overanalyzing anything lately. At least--I don't think I have. But believe me, I am so overanalyzing.

I said something to a friend today while chatting online; something I was sure I couldn't back track. So, I made a hasty exit without waiting for a response and proceeded nearly to hyperventilation because I was so sure that I had destroyed our friendship forever. (I know, dramatic, right?) So, I sent a message trying to clear things up a bit, crossed my fingers, and prayed for the best. Lucky me, in the midst of my studying, desperately trying to forget my flop, and reassuring myself that no one is as overanalytic as myself, my phone rang. Well, it doesn't really ring, or jingle or jangle...it sings...because I've got an awesome ring tone.

We talked for nearly an hour.

Friendship status: A-OK.

Yet, I'm still overanalyzing...because, really, what would I call this blog if I didn't? It's that last word that gets me: peace. I included that to remind myself to just calm down sometimes. That, yeah, sure, I'm going to dissect the details, but I shouldn't get in a hissy-fit over it. I just have to remember to not overstep myself and think rationally before I do or say something stupid.

Yeah, that'll be easy-peasy.

♥, Tiffany Anne

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