Thursday, August 30, 2007

Je vais aller le "pool hall"?

I had a pretty much fabulous night.

After work and school (French class, ugh!) Steve came over. He watched me eat one of my favorite quick dinners (I'm not telling you what it is because I'm slightly embarrassed that you'll see through my fab cooking skillz) and we went downtown.

Originally, I assumed we would drive, but it was a nice night, and so we walked. Barley's was closed for a private party. Corner Pocket was closed for some random unknown reason. So we walked around a bit more and ran into several friends. Eventually, we couldn't decide what to do so we decided to head back home. On our way, we passed The Gathering Spot (fondly called "The G Spot"...yes, really) and I noticed that it wasn't too crowded and so we went on in. It was OK...but there was something about the atmosphere that I wasn't keen on. We stayed for about two drinks each before heading to Barley's (which was open by now) and playing some pool.

I'll tell you what! Some of those shots were way awesome! Completely by mistake of course, but awesome! After a few games of pool, we made our way back to my apartment. But on our way, we stopped at the church (I live about one block down from the church where my family attends and so does his family...) and went to the playground. I turned the music on my phone and we hopped on the swings. After some time, he got off and pushed me on the swing. It has been forEVER since anyone has pushed ME on the swing. I'm so used to being the pusher rather than the pushee. It was nice. So, we had lots of fun. Pretty much one of the best evenings ever. I love my friend Steve!

[Steve playing pool.]

[Me & Steve.]

[Steve @ the playground.]

[Me lying down @ the playground looking for stars that I cannot see.]

♥, Tiffany Anne


Andrew, duh! said...

I found the Liberty Tap Room to be quite lively, if a chain (since there was one here in Cola way before there was ever one in Greenville). You might check it out next time you're in West End, at least if you're a beer drinker. I'm not sure if they serve wine or not.

Tiffany Anne said...

I can be a beer drinker if I have to be. Like if I'm at Barley's or something.


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