Thursday, August 9, 2007

I spend a lot of time thinking about you and me/ And the year we partied like it was 2003.

I haven't really felt too much like writing in here. But nothing really has been going on. My picnic on Tuesday was canceled. And I didn't go swing dancing or to the open mic at "The Cellar" because I was feeling lazy. Even though I sorta needed to go to that open mic for my, you know, job. It's technically a job. My editor says that she wants to eventually pay us. I'm just happy to be a part of it. Give me a cute gs tee-shirt and some business cards, and I'm good.

I did go grocery shopping on Tuesday night around 9:30pm. Boy is Wal*mart crowded that late at night. I must have stood in line for nearly 30 minutes. Good thing I didn't buy any ice cream. I think my waffles severely suffered though. Doesn't matter, I'm outta Nutella (yes, I put Nutella on my waffles) and they don't carry fancy-schmancy stuff like that at Wal*mart. I did get to chat with dear ol' Malmquistador (another camp buddy--I called him because last time he called me he was in line at Wal*mart.) for a few minutes. And then around midnight he barrages me with text messages. "You up?" And we txt about the most random things. Die Hard and drunken sailors to name a few...

Wednesday was a pretty good day. Went to work and we pretty much did laundry all morning. Came home and, once again, did not much for the rest of the day. I cannot even tell you what I did because it was so not memorable. I forced myself off my couch and into something cute and headed downtown around 8 pm or so. Open mic night at Coffee Underground, oh I forgot how much I love you. Met some new musicians, spread the word about, took a few photos for my next article, fell in love with Jacob Johnson when he played probably my three favorite songs. That is to say if I were ever able to pick one of his songs over another. Jacob has also gone up in my book because he was wearing and old school Detroit Pistons tee. Huzzah.

I worked this morning. I got out of bed super late (because I went to bed super late) but I've become the queen of getting ready in a flash and speeding to work so I am only two or three minutes late. Janelle ran to the store and I was with the three kids. Just me alone with the three of them for only the second time. (It makes me think of the onesie I got Davis that says, "1 + 3 = friends.") I think I'm getting the hang of things. For a little while, we hung out in Lauren's room. Alex played with Legos on the floor, Lauren read books on her bed, and I was in the rocking chair with Davis fast asleep on my chest. It was positively, absolutely fabulous. I had forgotten how much I love having a baby fall asleep in my ams. For lunch, we had super yummy ruben sandwiches for lunch. So good.

Now, here I am. Home again, home again, jiggity-jig-jig.

♥, Tiffany Anne

Sunday's best,
Monday's worst
We were seventeen and in between
On december thirty-first
Hooplah and fireworks
Signs hung on wire hooks
Happy New Year
2003 (Happy New Year) :: Jacob Johnson

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Anonymous said...

There are no Super-walmarts in Milwaukee, how's that for an amazing fact?

I'm glad you decided to post, it sounds like a pretty fun day, for a workday at least :)


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