Monday, August 6, 2007

Had a fabulous weekend.

Saturday, I spent most of the day with fellow girl boyscout and COI staff alumni, Anne Maire. She lives in a GEODESIC DOME kinda like this one.

And when she came to the door, I was like, "Anne Marie! You totally live in a dome!" I was rather excited. You see, I had never met anyone who lived in a dome. Late that night, when Will came home, I said it again, "Will! You totally live in a dome!" And he stumbled outside and looked at the house. "Wow? Do I really?" Ha-ha.

AM and I visited her uncle's where there are sheep, chickens, and a donkey. Loved it! Which I had brought my camera with me because me and Belle, the donkey who ♥s me, would totally be making the awesome face in a picture. I found out that Fr. Dave, my sister's priest from when she was an FVM, saved the Dominique chickens. Anne Marie's uncle has decedents of Fr. Dave's chickens! One of the roosters is named David. :-) (Found and old picture of Fr. Dave with one of his chickens!)

Mostly, Anne Marie and I hung out and talked and talked and talked and talked. It was rather nice. I had dinner with her family (sans Will who was still on the river). I was afraid that I had overstayed my welcome and told her to kick me out whenever she so desired. But we just talked some more. Will arrive around maybe midnight or so, I really have no idea. And I didn't leave until 1am! Wowzers.

The next morning I woke up laaate and missed Sunday School and went to the 2nd service. Matt was preaching today and he was super and just funny like always. After the service, a bunch of us went to Whole Foods for lunch which was pretty cool and afterwards, I went home and did a bunch of nothing. I did study the Catechism a bit. More on my finds later!

The Truth Project this evening was to be our last. We should be doing them again in Shepherding Groups and I hope they don't start this semester (I won't be able to go b/c of school). I am really looking forward to watching them again.

Andrew's cajun diner was after church and so off I went. Ahh! So spicy! I couldn't eat it at all! I can mostly tolerate spicy food--even if I don't like it. But no, I couldn't tolerate this. Sooooooo hoooot! So I ate a bowl of rice and he teased me for eating "cat food." LOL. People trickled in and out. The last of us (me, vaughn, aron, and jennie) didn't even leave until close to Midnight.

And so...that was my weekend. A lot of time spent with awesome friends. Yay :-)

♥, Tiffany Anne


Anonymous said...

Neat house.

Andrew, duh! said...

Hmmm, so, dome it is. I realized I made a grammatical mistake when I was arguing about her living in a "semisphere" since by definition a dome is a semisphere.
But, hopefully the "descendants" of the chickens there will forgive me for my slip-up.
Next time, I'll take the seeds out so hopefully stuff won't be so spicy, or I suppose I could just do a non-spicy thing. Lasagna always seems to be a winner.


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