Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dancin' the night away!

Yesterday evening, I went swing dancing. I had a fabulous time! Who needs the gym when you can go dancing? I wore a pretty dress with a skirt that had the perfect amount of spin to it. Two of my first dances were with older gentlemen who really knew how to dance and made me look like I totally knew what I was doing! I danced with several other guys too and had just a wonderful time! One guy taught me a new jump! How much fun. His name is Josh and he is from Clemson. Yeah, it's kind of funny.

I danced just about all night. Towards the end of the evening, I was sitting with someone and talking about religion and various beliefs and stuff--so that was pretty interesting. It was great until we started talking about sports. Then he goes and says that he doesn't like the Detroit Pistons but he's a fan of the Spurs?? What? "I'm sorry...I can't be your friend!" Conversation moved on to more common the hilarious Dwayne Wade commercials.

A lot of people I knew were there, so that was pretty cool. And none of the guys that asked me to dance were too weird or smelly...that's a major plus. I can't wait to go next week. Unfortunately, most the guys I really enjoyed dancing with won't be able to make it. But, hey, it's dancing, it's bound to be fun.

Oh, but here is the real plus. I am on the my kitchen! Huzzah! The connection has made it's way a few feet further into my humble abode--at least temporarily. And really, that is A-OK with me.

♥, Tiffany Anne

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Anonymous said...

Ah, D Wade. He used to play for Marquette when my brother was a student there.


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