Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Channel Venue

I love stumbling across something good and then finding out that it’s much more awesome than anticipated. It’s like trying on a pair of jeans that actually fit and then going to the register and discovering that they were 50% off. Or maybe like eating a yummy donut, only to discover that not only are there sprinkles, but a cream filling too! Added bonuses are rather nice.

Last week, I went to The Channel for their Thursday night open mic only to find that it had been canceled. Instead, there would be three bands playing: The Great Transparency, The Ending Up, and Me In Motion. Having journeyed to the new venue, I decided to stay for the free concert.

The “Losing Myself” tour of the three previously named bands were the first to break in the stage as this was the debut concert at The Channel. The venue was so new, in fact, that I could still smell fresh paint. There is ample seating in front of the stage consisting of mostly bistro sets clustered rather closely together making it difficult to find a seat without feeling dangerously intrusive to nearby groups. The haphazard set up was most likely made to make room for three merch tables and a sound table.

The Great Transparency, a rather exuberant band playing decent pop-punk tunes, was the first to take the stage and the concert just seemed to get better as the songs continued and bands changed to The Ending Up and finally Me In Motion.

Expect good things from this venue!

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Anonymous said...

:P It's all about the bands, who cares where they play!


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