Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What the future holds...

Day classes: Probability & Statistics, Geography
Night classes: French
Internet classes: Astronomy

I'll probably add another to my day classes schedules. I've got to go to Greenville Tech on Thursday to get things sorted out. I'll probably end up having to take French II over Christmas break. We shall see.

Hopefully, I'll stay with and hone my writing skills there and in school. Then, by the time I graduate, I'll have "relevant work experience" and a degree.

I just talked to Jeff about how I'm going to stay on. I babbled about how I don't want any one else taking care of my kids and how lucky I am to have this job. Seriously. I am getting crazy good experience that will definitely be useful later in life. I get to play almost all day. I get paid to go to the swimming pool. Also, I just love the family. It's great just being here.

The other day, Lauren and I were talking about family and friends and the roles that we have. We agreed that Alex was her big brother and Davis was her baby brother. She knows that Jeff and Janelle are "Mom" and "Dad." We said that Cameron, Slate, Abby, Evan, etc were friends.

"But what about me?" I asked.
She looked at me. "You Tee," she said simply.
"Yeah, but who is Tee? Am I your friend? Am I in your family?"
"You Tee," she stated again.

So she knows that my place in her life is hard to define. I play with her, but I also discipline her, but I only come some days. Confusing. Alex now knows that I get paid to come see him. He knows this because he has inquired of me many times what it is that I do for work.

Anyway, for the coming semester, I'm happy to set my focus on God, kids and school. Pray I don't get distracted!

♥, Tiffany Anne


Tokyo Pink said...

Hehe, I love it that your kids call you Tee. Isn't that what your kids in Cola called you? Aww. You do have something special there, Tee.

Anonymous said...

French? Why?

Tiffany Anne said...

Yeah, Kelsey used to call me Tee. I know Lauren can say "Tiffany" or some fashion of it, but she prefers Tee. And it's kinda cute too. :-)

And why French? Because I have to take 2 foreign languages and I already know some French. (took it for 3 years in highschool...fat lot of good that did.)

sylvie d said...


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