Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekly wrap up

I didn't post too much last week, I'm sorry. I must have you guys so bored. ;-) Well, here's a little wrap up.

Monday, I worked all day. Janelle, Alex & Lauren took Janet to the airport so I had some alone time with Davis. I think I actually blogged about that. That evening, after work, I went to the Mary Kay meeting so I could get all glam for the MK Model of Beauty contest. People kept telling me that I looked amazing, but really, it bothered my eyes to be wearing three types of eyeshadow, eye liner, and mascara. I also wore foundation, powder, blush, lip liner, lip stick, and lip gloss. Yikes! I did look pretty glam though, so maybe I'll win and get to go to NYC for a photo shoot (ha!). Afterwards, Kara took me out to dinner at Chick-fil-a and tried to sway me to join MK. Then we talked about all the recent goings on in my life. It was nice to have another girlfriend to chat with.

Tuesday, I had a picnic with Heather which I know I blogged about. Go back a few entries and look for the pictures of ducks! That evening, I went up to COI wearing full Class A and my Ordeal sash. Everyone was like, "Oh, hey Tiffany! Are you going though brotherhood tonight?" "No," I would respond, "I just came up in full Class A and my sash on a Tuesday night because I really dig these knee socks." I passed, of course, despite my questioner's mean and ridiculous questions. Then came the ceremony. I don't think I realized it at my Pre-Ordeal because I was so entranced or at my Ordeal because I was so tired, but there is something less mysterious about the ceremonies when you know the ceremonialists rather well.

Wednesday, I worked all day again. Nothing too notable except that perhaps this was the day that Lauren insisted on wearing her pink winter hat all afternoon. Sure she looked cute, but it must have been so darn hot! I tried to take some cute photos but there was no card in my camera. :-( That evening, I skipped out on Shepherding Group and instead went to COI for the special 6th week Campfire. I danced so well that night, it was just so great! See, the thing is, I'm not actually very good, but no one can tell because I'm the only fancy dancer that most have ever seen. I don't know what was wrong with me because I didn't even have a proper dinner, but I was so full of energy and I didn't sweat buckets like usual. Under the guise of being a fellow dancer's guest (a fellow dancer who dropped an AXE on my foot! no permanent damage or anything, but i did limp away to make him feel bad) I was able to go to the Vigil reception (technically only for Vigil Honor candidates, they're family & close friends, and Vigil Honor members) and tried some of that tasty Vigil punch. So good. I'm totally having it at my wedding--if I ever get married.

Thursday, I didn't do too entirely much. I cleaned my house a little. I made a 6-cd set for Mary (title: Too Cool 4 Mary) of a bunch of my favorite songs by some obscure artists and some not-so-obscure-but-I-just-love. I had dinner with Kathy, Beth, and Katie that evening. I made spaghetti, Kathy brought salad, Beth brought desert, and Katie brought drinks. It was a great evening.

Friday concert which was so super good. The coolest part about the , I took the kids to the pool that morning. I have yet to see the boy-lifeguard there since we last met. Luckily, there were kids Alex & Lauren's age at the pool. Also, I brought pennies with me and was throwing them in the "tiny pool" as Lauren called the kiddie pool, and they had a lot of fun searching for them. I stayed at work a teensy bit later than usual and then hurried home to shower and change. I had a busy night planned. I went over to Andrew's for his welcome-home-from-Japan party and stayed for about an hour at which time I went to the CHLCHL concert? Right before the last song, the lead singer gave a bit of a testimony and talked about how God had saved them and that they're purpose for touring wasn't to entertain it was to tell people about Jesus. Yes, they said this. in a bar. crowded with hipster kids. I was so impressed and told band members on two different occasions about how great I thought that was that they weren't a band that just happened to be Christians; they were Christians that just happened to be a band. I left Gypsy G's around 11:35 and realized that it was close to midnight and decided to drive to Barnes & Nobles because, what the heck, this was the last Harry Potter book and I'll probably never wait in line for a book like this ever again.

Saturday, I came home happily with the book (and a free key chain!) and read until about 2am at which point I knew that if I didn't make it to bed soon, I would collapse. I awoke about 8 hours later, chatted with landladytwins, went for a run, cleaned up, and then set to reading Harry Potter. I took a few breaks (bathroom, food, clearing my head, etc) but really, read until about 6:30 pm when my friend Jennie invited me out to dinner. I wrestled inside my head knowing that I should get out of the house but also knowing that I had to finish the book. So, I went. And gosh! Going out to dinner is expensive. I ordered the cheapest possible thing on the menu (1/2 plate of chicken tenders) and ended up spending only about $12.00 (including tip). Then what? I went home and finished the book of course!

Sunday, I read until about 2am at which point I finished the book. I closed it and said, "Well, that's it," and went to bed. I still managed to drag myself to the early service even though my whole reason for going early doesn't count this week. I sat alone which I have come to rather like at church. On occasion I feel a bit lonely or maybe a little fear of man, but mostly, I like it. Less distraction and all, I suppose. Both the sermon and Sunday school were wonderful to me and God was definitely trying to tell me something there. I don't remember what though, because I have an awful memory and I'll have to review my notes. I hung out at my parents after church and watched Monty Python & the Holy Grail with my dad. Then I slept on the couch until I had to leave for church again. The Truth Project was about "the American Experiment" or "The Great Lockean Experiment" as I've heard it called in History text books. Afterwards, I went to the Brewton's and had dinner with them, Beth, and Kathy. Stayed until 10 eating yummy food, looking at pictures, telling stories, etc.

And that's been my week. I guess I lied earlier when I said "little" wrap up. It's been a good week. I've been able to sit down to dinner with friends several times and that has been a major blessing. I've had to go outside of my comfort zone a few times and that too, has been a blessing, because I've been stretched in a good way. I've realized a few important things too. If you made it this far, well, you must be very devoted (or very bored) and I thank you. :-) I'll try not to make a habit of never posting and then bombarding you with content at midnight. Well...I'm going to glance over Harry Potter again before I ship it off to my brother tomorrow.

♥, Tiffany Anne


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty busy week! So, how did you like the book?!

Crispy said...


Checked out looks very cool.

Anonymous said...

Monty Python and the Holy Grail! I watched that like two weeks ago :)


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