Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My, we are avid picnic-ers...

Yesterday, Heather and I had another picnic in the park! I really look forward to my Tuesdays, now. It is so nice talking to Heather. We are totally on the same page with a lot of things. It's also just nice to sit in the shade of a large tree and eat our sandwiches and just people watch. The people watching becomes even more fun when people wade into the water at which point I begin mumuring loud enough for only Heather and I to hear about how sorry I feel for the poor mother who is going to get home and wonder why her son's feet have mutated. Why? Oh because he was wading in the nasty Reedy River!

She came over with a cool new picnic basket! Yes! Now, now more carrying around grocery bags of food. It is rather large and, as Heather said, "I kind of feel like Dorothy carrying this around." But seriously, it is super cool. Lunch was: chicken salad, chex mix, strawberries, and snapple raspberry white tea. Yum. And it all fits into a handy-dandy-totally-straight-from-Yogi-Bear pic-i-nic basket.

We were joined by some duckie friends. Heather threw them the last of her bread crust, and then we kept them happy with Chex Mix. And yes, if your curious, ducks love Cheddar Cheese Chex Mix. Except the pretzels--only the two big ducks would eat the pretzels. They also will eat strawberries if they're feeling particularly ambitious.

♥, Tiffany Anne


Anonymous said...

It's a very southern girl activity, that picnicing thing.

angusss said...

Man, I haven't been on a picnic for ages - not since a jazz festival at the melbourne zoo!
And I promise I'll change my template as soon as I have the time haha.

Anonymous said...

15hrs until the conclusion of the Harry Potter story. Do you think Fleur and Bill will end up having their wedding? (Everyone always asks if you think Harry Potter will die, I figured I would try a different question!!)

Tiffany Anne said...

I dunno what to expect. But I'll know all the answers by this time tomorrow, prolly!


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