Saturday, July 7, 2007

It's late, I know. I should be in bed. ***Now with photos!***

The concert was mucho fun. I missed the Gentle Suit because I fell asleep around 7pm and didn't wake up until 10:30! I was thinking...where do I need to be right now? Is it AM or PM? I was so disoriented. Ha-ha.

Well, I got all gussied up and made it to the concert where I paid the very small cover ($3.00!) and joined my friends. A good deal of the GreenvilleScene staff was there, Julian was there, and a girl that Mike works with, Mandy, was there.

Guess who was the drummer for The Winter Sounds? Donovan Babb previously of Engineering & Boulevard!

I greatly enjoyed the concert--especially when they broke out the accordion (you so had to be there). I had forgotten how much I enjoy indie rock.

Afterwards, we were going to hang out with the band but decided instead to head to Julian's (he'd promised breakfast). So Brad, Ellen, Cate, and I had a yummy breakfast (toast, ham, fried eggs, bacon, potatoes!) cooked by Julian and just hung out talking and sipping on pulpy orange juice.

I took a few pictures. If they're any good, I'll upload a few later.



Cate peeling potatoes.

Ellen & Brad. Ellen's pouring pulpy orange juice.

Julian cooking us breakfast.


angusss said...

indie rock's brilliant - how long did the concert last ?:)

Tiffany Anne said...

Not very long. Ummm...I think it was from 10pm until 1am?


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