Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I'll be honest, I spent most of the day doing not too much...

I had lunch with Heather today. It was a wonderful lunch. She came over to my apartment bearing gifts of strawberries and Snapple.

"So...let's talk about you?"
"Me? Why me? I have too many questions for you!"

So I answered questions while I made sandwiches. We packed up our food in grocery bags (because, clearly, we're avid picnic-ers) and took my car downtown (because hers is filled with Coca-cola crates and extension cords). I had a terrible time parking, but I found a spot on the bridge, so even if I'm a sorry parallel parker, at least it was close to the park. We gathered our grocery bags and walked down to the park. We found a wonderful, shaded spot overlooking the river. We were lucky to find an unoccupied bench, I know. The plaque on it said, "The Thoughtful Spot." I think it may now be one of my favorite places.

We ate and chatted. Our topics ranged from graduate school to marriage to pets to apartments. It made me laugh because I remember a note she had written to me when we were in the 10th grade. It said something like, "Wow! Only two more years of highschool then we're off to the 'real world!' It's scary and exciting." And now we're five years into what we thought would be "the real world" and we're still in school not knowing what comes next.

I spent most of the afternoon avoiding somethings and waiting on others. I did eventually get off my butt to go to the library (to pick up The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry) and then to the grocery store.

I ran into Leah who works at the library and we chatted for a while. We talked about Korea and missions and Harry Potter.

Now, it's dinner time and soon I'm going downtown. Rebecca called me today immediately after I left her a MySpace comment saying that yes, coffee would be nice, and, in fact I think I need coffee*. She offered her ears, shoulder, and other forms of comfort.

Thank God for girlfriends.


*it's not really the coffee i require


angusss said...

Thanks alot for the comments back, and also the link on your page !! :)

I'm still figuring out this outrageous blog world, not to mention the HTML - but it's going well so far.

Do you have any recomendations for interesting bloggers?


Anonymous said...

I should read your blogs more often; I so enjoy them. And I thoroughly enjoyed our lunch in the park. We should do it again, and soon.

Love you dear.



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