Monday, July 2, 2007


i say that i'm sorry about doing things backward
but i'm sort of not

because look at you
and look at me
and look at who we once were

the difference makes it worthwhile

this will probably be a surprise
to everyone
but us

i still have a lingering hope
i'm telling it to go away

at the very least
i think eventually we
can be
that cheesy cliché
the one i hate to hear

because really
when you think about it
we're sort of kindred spirits anyway


Anonymous said...

You should put that to guitar music, that would make a catchy song with the right background. You would need to turn some of it into a refrain, though.

Tiffany Anne said...

Guitar music? I wouldn't know where to begin.

Anonymous said...

:P It doesn't have to be hard. I picture it sounding like that "Hey there Delila" song. Acoustic

Tiffany Anne said...

i don't play the guitar

Anonymous said...

You go to college. Take a class! I did. It's fun

angusss said...

wow - how do you write poetry ??

Tiffany Anne said...

How? I have no idea, I just do. Really, it's just scrambled thoughts arranged into words and lines.

Tokyo Pink said...

Tiffy I love this poem very much!


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