Thursday, July 26, 2007


This previous Wednesday was the last powwow of the summer. I was excited about going because the previous week, I had finally found my groove. I really felt good about my dancing. Also, this was going to be the last time I would to get to see all the guys this summer before they dispersed to various universities this fall.

While I did get to see people, the evening was just sort of not what I had hoped it would be. I did not dance good at all! It wasn't until the friendship dance that I finally got my rhythm again. By that time, well, it's too late. The grass was really slippery for some reason, and I kept feeling like I was going to fall down. It was nice and cool, but that's because the wind was blowin' like it was about to rain. So that meant no dancing in the meadow. You know, it never did rain.

I did get to hang out with a bunch of friends. Some of them are going contra dancing this weekend and invited me along. Anne Marie was there, so that's always a major plus.

But I went home feeling like I was missing something. I guess it is because COI has been my weekly (sometimes twice weekly) getaway for the past two months. I go up to camp, and the rest of the world doesn't exist.

And there's no more getting away.

It's just adding to the awful funk I feel myself sinking into (for a whole myriad of reasons). Which really sucks because I've been feeling so great lately. What goes up must come down.

♥, Tiffany Anne


Anonymous said...

Rarely does anything go as perfectly as we hope for.

Andrew, duh! said...

Hey, come swing dancing Tuesday and if you're lucky, you won't bounce off my elbow like one of my partners last week. That would really screw up a good week, I imagine. :-/

Tiffany Anne said...

Agreed, D, but we still hope for them. Even if we know better. Ha.

And yes, Andrew, I'm fully going to be there on Tuesday. I hear there's quite a few people going.


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