Tuesday, June 12, 2007

You can kill a lot of time if you really wanna put your mind to it

So, there's not much to do here. But to day has turned out to be more lively than I anticipated.

I was feeling quite dreary earlier, so I just threw everything aside and pulled out the Word and started to read that. I didn't really help me with the issues that I've been focusing on, but maybe the purpose was to help me focus on something else. Day by day. Have I mentioned that I absolutely love my new Bible? The notes are so expansive that on some pages, the notes take up over half the page. Like in Colossians 1 (we're going through that in Sunday school), one of the pages is just verses 15-24 and the rest of the page consists of noes. Many notes to be had there. I love notes.

I got an e-mail from Mike this afternoon! These are always nice because they're super unexpected. It made me want to read over the messages he sent me when he was on his super long trip to Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Tokyo. So I did, and it made me miss him a little more because those messages were always so super sweet. And funny: everything here is small, so being six foot three, i dont really fit anywhere. little tables, little chairs, little drinks and little portions of food. this morning i took a shower in a little bathroom. they have little sidewalks and in the train everybody smashes into each other and i can see over everyones heads. makes me feel like a giant and i get claustrophobic. its like living in a dollhouse. I would totally fit in Tokyo! I'm little! :-)

Later on this afternoon, I got call from someone who works with Providence Ferry asking me if I could FTP a file because the PDF I sent them wasn't a high enough resolution. So, I totally FTP'd a file (with help from good friend Nicole whose husband is in the Ukraine w/ Mike). She's coming over later to help me resize it.

While I was staring at the computer screen, it started storming pretty badly overhead. So bad that the screen went blank for half a second and I almost freaked out. Then it--and everything else--came back on without so much as a cursor out of place. Generator? I dunno. I looked out the window a bit later and guess what? It was hailing. Yes, like balls of ice falling from the sky. In June! Isn't that crazy?

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with Jacob Johnson for an interview around noon-thirty-ish and then I'm going to chill at my parent's home and ask my mom to do my hair in French braids. My hair is pretty long now so I'll look like Pocahontas. I'll take a picture for ya'll. I can't wait for tomorrow night to go dancings. I love the little girls that come up to me afterwards and hearing all the little kids go "Look, Daddy! Indians!!!" I have already pulled out my mocs, my choker, and earrings. I'm going to see if I can con VA into letting me borrow a belt to emphasize my waist in that too-big-on-me regalia. I researched it and it's kosher with Fancy Shawl style.


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Andrew, duh! said...

Haha, you'd definitely fit in better in Tokyo. Down here in the Osakan boonies, girls, on average, are like 15% larger I'd say than their Tokyo cousins. And that's not to say they're fatter, not by any means. Just proportional body size is that much larger. I've no clue why, either.
I can so identify with Mike on the train thing too. That's me, every day. :-)


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