Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Brandon, would you please tell Tiffany that she's a flapper*?"

That was Marshall condemning me because I really haven't been to any Order of the Arrow events since I joined. However, Brandon says that I'm not a flapper*. Why? I came up to camp just to dance in the OA powwow and apparently that's more than 90% of our lodge members do.

Several times, it was suggested that I should come up to COI on a Tuesday night. Tuesday nights are when Brotherhood** questioning takes place. I say I don't deserve it and they say, "It's not what you do before Brotherhood, it's what you do after you become Brotherhood that counts." I don't do anything with the lodge except dance and I cannot imagine there would be a time in my life when I could be compelled to do much more. Aside from, perhaps, helping with lodge regalia. It would be nice to have a sash with bars. I dunno. We shall see.

So, yes, obviously, I went up to COI to dance last night. It was raining, it was sunny, it was raining, it was sunny. Eventually the sun stopped and it just poured. But I was already up there and I decided that I didn't put my hair in French braids (thanks Mom!) just to look like a 12-year-old and believe me, I looked quite young. I drove all the way up there to dance and by gosh I was going to dance!

And dance I did. My calves are KILLING me right now because concrete does not give quite as much as the soft grassy earth does. I'm glad I danced, though. Despite the area (Activity Building--eek!) restrictions, I was still able to remember why I get drove all the way up here to dress like and Indian. My dance is so much fun! So what if I felt like I was going to die? So what if there was no way that there could be enough air in that building? I love that dance. I really do need regalia that fits though. And I need to watch more videos of these ladies dancing. I would like to get better because, honestly, I'm not that good. No one could really tell though, even my fellow dancers; there were probably three people in that building that could tell whether or not I'm any good and they couldn't see me.

After the cramped and awkward powwow, I hung out with a few of the guys and talked until it was almost lights out. It made me miss COI. It was fun being up there again. These guys are like my family. Many of them asked me why I wasn't working and made sure to let me know that there would be space for me on staff should I reconsider. I don't want work there anymore, but it is nice going back. (Besides, my small stalker is on staff. Yikes!)

It's not a normal place. There's something awesome about it. It is awful nice to just go up on occasion to dance and reminisce about the good times and then go home and not have to deal with the bad and/or scary. Ha-ha.


*Flapper: One who goes through the Ordeal and becomes an Arrowman just for the flap. Never does a single thing with the OA afterwards.

**Brotherhood: 2nd level in the OA


Anonymous said...

Girls love to dance.

Andrew, duh! said...

Flapper, hahahaha. I was trying to imagine you in '20s getup for a moment. Anyway, what does that make me, since I got recruited for OA like 2 years running and turned it down each time? Absolutely slacker I suppose.


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