Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ukraine mission trip update

I just got an e-mail from Mike! What a blessing! I was rather happy as I was sure that communication would be nonexistant until he was back on American soil.

He says that they're doing well and they're working at the top of a cliff that overlooks the Black Sea! There is a nice breeze all day which should make working in the hot sun a little easier for the guys. Apparently, it's really beautiful over there. I can't wait to see pictures when he gets home.

Ukraine is 7 hours ahead of the East Coast, which would explain why an e-mail I got at 1pm says "got a ride to town this evening..." The place where they are working is a two mile hike from the nearest village. I don't think any of them have access to cars, but maybe someone they know does.


1 comment:

Andrew, duh! said...

Tell him to swing by Osaka. It's only another...8 hours or so by air. :-)


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