Saturday, June 30, 2007

To make up for it, I'm going to dissect my Friday for you...

I have been neglecting y'all and I do fully apologize. I've begun to think that there is more to life that my blog. Obviously this is a completely ridiculous notion and I am going to great pains to correct my wayward thinking.

[Side note: I just heard Mike exclaim something in the kitchen and then come into the office and go, "Hey, would you eat a steak right now?"]

Yesterday was a rather good day. I got to work only two minutes late which is rather good considering I left the house ten minutes late. By 10 AM we had already eaten breakfast, discussed Evan Almighty, and played with pots and pans. The kids put on their swimsuits and I hauled the car seats out of the Mountaineer and into the Corolla. One Boisseau, one Heuser, and three Godlewskis searched high and low for the blue-and-white tote (the "swimming bag"), pink goggles, green goggles, pool toys, and kitty-cat flip-flops. I considered wearing my bikini but decided to give my new one-piece a try (mostly because it was black and so is my cover-up and, well, I hadn't made proper preparations for swimming attire and needed to cover-up).

The pool was easy to find and not crowded at all. I had anticipated dozens of screaming children and expected to lose Alex & Lauren in the mix. There were maybe 20 people there total including old people, teenagers, moms, nannies, kiddies, and lifeguards. It was quiet. Nice. We stayed until the kids both wanted to go home--around one o'clock.

I got off work around 3pm, when Janelle returned from feeding Davis. My new little buddy should be home as of this morning and I cannot wait to meet him in a few days! I saw Lauren's old premie clothes and cannot remember her ever being sooooo tiny. Like seriously small. And now she's two? How did that happen?

I'll skip past shopping (five t-shirts from Plato's Closet for 20 bucks) and the rest of my lazy afternoon to the evening. Mary Kay party @ Ali's! (Cutest house ever.)

Très fun. I bought a few things and I think I'm officially hooked. Thanks a lot Kara! I did get my robe (hostess gift for having 3 bookings at my party) and I wore it as soon as I got it. I felt like a teddy bear--so soft. So, as Kara is telling us how to apply the make up, I look at her, and I look back down at my makeup. "I'm totally going to screw this up." I say. And I did. My blush was lopsided. "Don't worry! We can blend!" Was Kara's mantra of the evening. I ended up looking pretty good, I though. All the girls told me how pretty I was. I felt pretty. I go to Mike's after the party hoping that he'll tell me that I look pretty too.

"You're wearing makeup," He says. assertive. Ha-ha.

So, he about falls asleep on the couch and then abruptly says, "I want to show you something!" And gets up and motions that I should follow. We go downstairs and into the garage and stop in front of a black and silver moped.

A moped! Ha-ha! It's great! We immediately hop on a cruise around downtown. He's woohoo-ing and narrowly avoiding cars and people. We stop at Wild Wings for a moment because some of his work friends are there. He chats, I stand and listen to him talk about work and feel awkwardly out of place, and then we hop on the moped and head back. We're back on his couch and he about falls asleep again.

I think I put him to sleep. That's what he's doing right now. It's exhilarating.



Andrew, duh! said...

A moped!?!?!?! Japan must have had quite an effect on him to go from a cruiser to a moped.

Tokyo Pink said...

Tiffy Anne? Can I go for a ride on Mike's moped???? That would make me super happy!

Anonymous said...

Mopeds are fun.


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