Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pieces of April

Pieces of April has Katie Holmes like I've never seen her. The fresh faced Katie does not make an appearance in this move. Katie Holmes plays the part of April Burns who, according to the tagline is "the one in every family" a.k.a. the black sheep. I'll take April any day, however, over her pompous younger sister, Beth. April is as sweet as can be and, despite having been practically ostracized from the rest of her family, has invited them over for Thanksgiving dinner.

April is in her rather sketchy New York apartment trying desperately to make a dinner that she's not even sure her family will show up for when her stove breaks. The movie follows April as she navigates her wonderfully interesting neighbors trying to find someone who will lend her an oven. Meanwhile the Burns family is on their way up to April's. It's a really super movie and the end will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling on the inside.

April: [discussing old-fashioned turkey shaped salt and pepper shakers that Bobby bought] We had these when I was a kid.
April: The one time Joy let me hold them she said, "Be careful, they're worth more than you are."
Bobby: Well, that's terrible.
April: Next year they were gone.
Bobby: So, what happened?
April: A hammer I was holding fell on them.

April: I'm the first pancake.
Evette: What do you mean?
Eugene: She's the one you're supposed to throw out.


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Anonymous said...

This movie sounds dumb!


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