Thursday, June 7, 2007

Jesus, Thank You

Today was such a wonderful day. The kids decorated cards for their dad, we had a play date with Sharon & Francesca, and Janelle came home early! It was a good day. Every minute made the day better.

Shepherding Group was just wonderful. We discussed the Truth Project a bit and then talked about James 2. (I'm lovin' my new Bible! Three cheers for massively extensive notes!) Afterwards, we shared a ton of prayer request and grouped up and went to pray. I prayed with Katie. I was thankful for her because there were things I had been wanting to talk with someone about and I was able to open up and share with her. It was so incredibly helpful. Praying was difficult though! There were dogs yapping and so the first thing that came out of my mouth was, "Dear Lord, I'm going to pray for focus. I find it hard enough to focus usually but these dogs are making it really hard! So, please give me focus." The dogs didn't stop yapping, but I was able to focus. :-) I stayed and chatted and held Jaz and ate cake. I love my group!

Eventually, I managed to tear myself away and head downtown where to meet up with Holli and Kristen. We got some Starbucks and just walked around, sat on a bench, and chatted. Next stop: Sushi Murasaki because Kristen was hungry. I discovered that I was too--some tuna tataki and rice took care of that.

Men near us bought some sake with Chambord and he tried to explain it to me ("Actually, I know what Chambord is.") and try to get me to try some ("No really, I hate sake."). The other two tried it, which was no big deal, I totally had no problem with it, but for me, personally, it would have been a big deal. It was something I used to struggle with and doing that is just one step back. One of the men offered to buy me a shot because he felt bad that the rest of them got sake and I got nothing. That's kind of nice, but I still said no. The two guys were pretty persistent, but I wasn't going to have a guy buy me a drink that night. It was something that I decided when I walked into that restaurant and I wasn't going to back down.

So, just at the right moment, when I was telling Holli about how God has been really bringing me closer to the mirror the last year and a half, guess who sits at the table right behind us? If you know about my struggles, than maybe you can guess. I went over to say hello to my "friends" very quickly before sitting back down. I explained to Holli the crazy timing!

What was so wonderful about the evening is that Holli and I were really able to open up and share with each other about the work that God has done in our lives. It reminded me that I can do something like this for the glory of God. It's about motives. We weren't there to get drunk, we were there to spend time fellowshiping with each other! After all, I haven't seen Holli in six months. It was just so wonderful to share with her and to listen to her stories about DTS and the wonderful works that God has done with her life. It's just so awesome to have Christ-centered friends (and it's even better when one is an Ugly Betty fan!). Here we were, at a restaurant/bar, praising God.


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