Sunday, June 10, 2007

How Do I Look?

That's what is on TV right now. Have you ever seen this show? I love this show. I started watching this show right around the time Lauren was born (Janelle and I watched during Alex's naps). It is such a fun show. It's always fun to see the horrible things that people wear and think that they look good. Or as is the case many times, they just don't care.

Here's how it works. You have Finola Hughes (the host), the fashion victim, and three accomplices (two friends and one fashion expert). First, we are introduced to everyone and then the accomplices go through the victims closet and throw away the pieces they hate the most. Then they each get money (usually around $1000) to pick out three outfits the last of which is always a "wild card" outfit that the accomplice thinks is something that the victim should just have in their closed. The victim gets to try on each outfit and then picks one collection. She can't pick dress a, outfit b, and makeup c. She must pick an entire collection.

She gets all done, makeup, nails and all. And puts on one of her new outfits and shows off her new look to Finola and the accomplices.

It's such a fun 30 minutes. Hey...what girl doesn't love a makeover show?

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