Monday, June 11, 2007

Blah blah blah

What is a girl to do with a whole week to herself? No work, no boyfriend?

Write, write, write. But mostly not on here. Sorry. I've written most of the first draft of my open mic article and it says "open mic" far too many times. I'm interviewing Jacob Johnson later this week and checking out two open mic nights. Apparently the Pickin' Parlor is closed. What is up with that? That makes only three open mic nights in Greenville County. There have got to be more. If you know about any, let me know!

I'm going up to Camp Old Indian this Wednesday to dance. :-) I am super excited. I can't wait to be in the regalia again!



Anonymous said...

You look cute with your hair all done up in braids. Also, it works as a makeshift helmet.

Tiffany Anne said...

Thank you but unfortunately, my Wednesday night hairdresser (the girl in blond next to me...Anne Marie) will not be able to do my hair in French braids. My hair is long enough, though, that I can just do two long braids and look sufficiently like Pocahontas. Like in my driver's license photo.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, go with it then. That's the look.

Andrew, duh! said...

Something I've always been curious about. Are the dances based on actual tribal dances or just something bored white people made up to catch the Indian mythos? I mean, I've seen them a couple of times and always wondered, especially it "Friendship Dance" or whatever that the OA members do with the ribbons while running around half naked?

Anonymous said...

Oh, man! Do you run around nekkid Tiffster?!? How did your boyfriend let THAT happen?

Tiffany Anne said...

Yes, the dances we do are "real" dances. The BSA tries to be accurate with the Indian Affairs. In fact, the ceremonialists had to get new regalia for Brothers A, K, N, M because it had to be appropriate for our region.

The men's dances that are done at COI are: Men's Traditional, Men's Fancy Dance, Grass Dance. The Ladies Dances are: Ladies's Traditional and Fancy Shawl Dance (me). There is also a Jingle Dress Dance, but we don't have anyone with one.

We do a Friendship Dance, as I think are done in some real powwows, in which dancers may pick a member of the audience to dance with them. We do not have the rule, however, that ladies in the ring must wear a shawl if not in regalia.

There used to be a Ribbon dance. I'm not sure if this is a real dance or not, but it's pretty crazy, so I couldn't imagine them coming up with it on their own. There is no longer a ribbon dance at COI because they boys couldn't master it and we looked like fools. This dance was usually done by the guys who look the best with their shirts off.

Since I've danced, dances have generally consisted of inter-tribal dances in which everyone dances. Last year we danced for three songs straight and I was pretty sure that I was going to die. I hope we do not do that this year, because I'm in no where near enough shape.

And no. I don't run around nekkid. Ha-ha. No way!

Andrew, duh! said...

Okay, I was just curious. I mean, it's been like...10 years since I've been an active participant at Camp Old Indian, but I did my time in the Upper (aka segregated from cafeteria) and occasionally Lower Adirondacks back in the day. But 12 year old slackers like myself never really made it as a dancer. :-) I still don't remember there being any girls at the dances when I was there, but it has been, what...10+ years.

Tiffany Anne said...

Did Virgina not teach Rifle Shooting when you were there? She's been working there for a looong time but I dunno how long. And as for girls working at camp, last year there were eight of us and this year there is only one.

How long has it been since you've been to COI? You should check it out sometime because it will probably be way different than what you remember (new Trading Post, new dining hall, new rife range building, etc). Oh, and, of course, new really super awesome fancy shawl dancers.


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