Saturday, May 19, 2007

Me + best Ugly Betty episode every + Arbor Mist. I dunno what that eqals, but it's good!

Okay, my next post was going to be about my weekend, but that can wait.

I just watched the season finale episode of Ugly Betty. If you watch Ugly Betty and you have yet to watch it, don't read this!

It started out really well. Betty was going on a date with Henry, Hilda and Santos were planning their wedding, Amanda and Marc found Faye's Love Dungeon, Justin got the lead in West Side Story.

It started out really well!

And then Charlie came to Betty's house to say that she was preggers with Henry's baby. So Henry told Betty he couldn't be with her and decided to go back to Tuscon with Charlie. But Betty found out that Charlie had been cheating on Henry with Betty's orthodontist, Dr. Farkus, for two months and the baby might not be Henry's but it was too late because Charlie and Henry were on their way back to Tuscon.

Amanda and Christina got trapped in Faye's Love Dungeon together and got drunk on numerous bottles of wine and stumbled upon a red safe that contained documents. One of which was a birth certificate that said that Faye is Amanda's mother! Ew, I wonder if Bradford Meade is her father!

SANTOS was SHOT! OMG. He was on his way to Justin's show when he stopped at a corner market that was being held up. Santos died. Okay, well, they never said that, but Betty told Hilda something that we couldn't hear, well, from the reaction, it's safe to assume that Santos is dead. And Justin was calling him "Dad" and everything! :-(

Daniel took way too many of those pills of his and had a lot of booze and was way loaded. He came in to Alexis's office and was rambling about Bradford and Willamina and how he never really hated Alex/Alexis. It was really all too sweet. While Alexis was driving Daniel to a rehab place, very quickly in Bradford's car, she realized that the guy she hired to kill Bradford had cut the breaks on his car, which she was now driving! So, Alexis and Daniel got in a wreck. It wasn't all bloody though, so hopefully, they both survived.

The only thing that ended well was this: Willamina wanted to get married to Bradford on June 16th except Flavia (cosmetics, you know?) had reserved St. Patrick's Cathedral for that day and wouldn't give it up. Unless Willamina gave up Mark. So, she did and poor flaming Mark had to shed his bow ties for a black suit, smoking, and pasta (Flavia makes us). Well, Willi missed Mark and postponed her wedding until November to get Mark back.

The show ended in an amazing montage of all the scenes coming together to the background of Justin singing. Claire escaping, Daniel and Alexis getting in the wreck, Santos shot by the robber, Henry & Charlie on the plane.

I cannot wait until next season!

Why do I love this show so much? Okay, there are obvious flaws, but here are three things I like about the show. 1) They don't swear. 2) Daniel was having all kinds of sex and Betty wanted him to stop. 3) The color palate.


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Tokyo Pink said...

Uh! Oh my gosh. Eqals? What the HECK is that? I've gotta stop reading your blog.


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