Wednesday, May 2, 2007

High Cotton

Okay, so I stole the photo from the folks over at Greenville Daily Photo. But what can I say, it's a good one!

Anyway, for our 1 year anniversary dinner, my boyfriend took me out to High Cotton--the swanky new restaurant in Greenville that promised to be more posh than Restaurant O. The evening, however, did not begin well as we were seated in the exact room in which we had asked not to be seated. (See in the photo: the bottom level, the room on the left? It's a small room with too many tables. That's where we sat.) The waiter was nice, the wine came quickly, and so enjoyed our seats. I was able to watch many a prom couple wander past the restaurant and pose for photos from where I was seated.

For an appetizer we shared a plate of tasty fried oysters. His entrée was a steak and a lobster tail, mine was a tuna steak. We each tried from the other's plate and, yes, it was all very yummy. I was stuffed!

While the food was quite tasty, the atmosphere was a little less that posh. Because it was still fairly early--around 6PM--the sun had yet to sink below the horizon and the room, with it's large windows, was flooded with light. It did not feel quite as intimate as the price says it should have been. The food came out quite quickly. So fast that we only had enough time for one glass of wine each. Dinner is usually a two-glass time period for us.

Most likely, I'll return to High Cotton for brunch or some drinks with friends, but perhaps not for dinner. Perhaps it was because we were a bit too early for it to get busy and for us to have a two-glass meal. But the large rooms with the large windows and too many tables won't change, so we'll have to try somewhere else for an intimate meal.

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