Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Greenville Drive

It was my 2nd Greenville Drive game ever. I went to one last season and (so far) one this season. And in my whole life, I guess I've only been to about half a dozen baseball games. I still find them quite enjoyable.

West End Field is pretty neat because it is like a miniature Fenway Park. Complete with the "Green Monster," manual scoreboard, and all. The dimensions all around the outfield wall are to the same specifications as Fenway Park.

The games are fun, the food is OK, and the seats are cheap. That being said, don't get a lawn seat. It's not really a lawn, it's a really steep hill. There is no way you could set up a chair without toppling over. Well, actually, it's probably great for families with small children who are able to run around on the grass and play on the nearby playground. But for my group? It was just too steep. So we commandeered (my latest favorite word) a few seats nearby in an almost completely empty section and enjoyed the rest of the game.

Even the really drunk guy in front of us yelling at the players.

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