Monday, May 21, 2007

Forever Stamps

I heard itmentioned in passing, but I've forgotten about it until now. The Forever Stamp is the Postal Service's newest stamp. I just bought a book of stamps with the liberty bell on them for the price of 41¢ per stamp. Even if I don't use up all the stamps by the time the price increases again (it has increased 13 times in the past 32 years), I won't have to go out and buy 1¢ or 2¢ stamps. I still have some 37¢ and 39¢ stamps that I can't use unless I buy some stamps to supplement them, but my 41¢ Forever stamps will last, well, forever.

I should stockpile them before the price goes up again. Then, when everyone is paying 99¢ for stamps, I'll still be using my 41¢ stamps that I bought way back in 2007.


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