Friday, April 13, 2007

wic-weee pwate = victory plate

Today has been a good day so far.

Slate, Cameron, and their baby-sitter Tammy came over to play for a good part of the morning. That was good because I didn't really feel like venturing outside but having the kids play together really speeds the day along. They didn't leave until almost 1pm! :-) After that we had lunch: peanut butter & jelly for Alex, turkey & cheese for Lauren. Alex had a "victory" plate, so he got dessert (leftover birthday cake); Lauren did not.

Lauren is such a cute little thing and she has the best ever facial expressions! So very serious sometimes, even if she is just saying, "I do like it, Tee!"

The kitchen table is covered in bedsheets. It was our "fort" and the kids spend a good deal of time under there. It's a much better fort than couch cushions--those fall over too quick.

Today we played with: fire trucks, pirates, legos, dress-ups, baby-dolls, and cannon balls...among other things.

And Lauren went down for a nap still in her dress-up clothes.


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