Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Unfulfilled Expectations Shriveling Faith

At my church, we're going through the book of Luke. The past few Sundays, however, we've done a series within a series...a mini-series, if you will. It has been about expectations. Boy, I'm pretty sure this was the perfect timing for just about everyone I talked to.

Expectations are the worst. I'm serious.

Expectations are the only reason we ever get put in a bad mood. You didn't expect a traffic jam on the way to work. You didn't expect the baby to puke all over you. You didn't expect to fail the test. You didn't expect the lights to go out. You didn't expect that skirt to be dirty. "And I could go on and on and on...but who cares?" (Gnarles Barkley)

I'm tired of my own. I'm tired of silly expectations that I know aren't logical at all. I'm tired of pretending like they don't exist.

It's killing me.

I don't want the expectations to come to a realization. I just want to be able to say, "Everything is good in God's timing," and really be able to believe it and really have a peace about it. Instead of just convincing myself that I have peace.

So, yeah.

No one can make me miserable but myself.

But look at the label. It says, "God is so good." That's true. He is good. Whether I feel like it or not, He is so good. I'm here at this point in my life for a reason. I may not get it right now, but I will someday. Because our God is awesome and He's not letting me flounder about life on my own.


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