Friday, April 13, 2007

Ugly Betty

Ugly BettyThese days, I have a new favorite TV show--aside from Jeopardy of course. Also, of course, favorite is used loosely when concerning television. I'm not the biggest fan of television or anything. Ugly Betty is great though, as far as televsion goes.

Betty Suarez"Betty Suarez is smart, sweet and hard working. The only problem is that she's not thin and beautiful like all her coworkers at Mode, the high-fashion magazine where she works. The only reason the publisher hired her to be his son's secretary, is that he thought Betty was someone who Daniel would never sleep with. Betty's hard work and determination earns Daniel's respect, as she helps him find his way through the shark infested waters of the fashion industry. Ugly Betty is based on a Columbian telenovela "Yo Soy Betty La Fea"." (

America FerreraAmerica Ferrera, the actress who plays Betty Suarez is not "ugly" at all! A lot of work goes into getting her to look like her character. The hair is a wig, the braces are a plastic mold, and the eyebrows are pencil. (USA TODAY)

I love Betty! She is so endearing! She loves New York City and working in Manhattan even though she doesn't quite fit in. If people don't accept her for who she is, Betty doesn't care. And her style rocks! it's a litte (a lot?) off sometimes, but it's bold and confident. And that's not UGLY at all.

The last episode I watched was a re-run called, "Fake Plastic Snow" in which we learn that Betty has been offered a job in at a different magazine (by the same publisher) by Sofia (Salma Hayek). It was kind of sad knowing that Betty was leaving Mode and Daniel and all of that.

Oh, by the way, if you don't now what to get me for Christmas...get me "Ugly Betty" on DVD
The cast of 'Ugly Betty'

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