Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Terrible Twos

I forgot how two-and-a-half year olds can act. Lauren is usually a very sweet and easy going girl. On occasion, though, Terrible2!Lauren will come out in all her glory. Terrible2!Lauren will take over the sweet girl I know and throw herself to the ground. She will kick and scream and cry and kick and scream and kick and scream.

After being put in time-out for two minutes (time doesn't start until the screaming stops, thouhg) I go and get Lauren. Terrible2!Lauren is gone and sweet, easy-going Lauren is back. We talk about what she did and why she can't get her way. She says, "Okay, Tee" and hugs me and goes off to play.

Alex, however, is four years old. And let me tell you, that boy has some attitude! Sometimes, I just don't know how to deal. He has got a huge lieing problem too. I have talked to him numerous times about it and so has Janelle. It's still there and it's about silly things. For example:
::Alex exits bathroom::
"Alex, did you flush the toilet?"
"That's funny...I didn't hear the toilet flush."
"I did flush it!"
"Oh, okay. But if I go in there, I better not find any poop or pee in the
"Oh wait, I forgot!, I actually didn't flush it."

I mean, come on! Why the heck does he feel that he has to lie about flushing to toilet! Why can't he say, "Oh, I forgot, I'll go do that now."


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Anonymous said...

Sometimes your just to tired to flush....


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