Thursday, April 12, 2007

So, um, you should, um, like, really recycle and save the planet and, um, stuff. You know?

Just so you know, my apartment isn't that dusty.

Anyway. I had a good day today. I went to math class and understood everything. I went to speech class and made an 82 (92 minus 10pts for being 1 day late) on my recycling speech. I really need to start turning in my speeches on time so I can get the "A" grade for the "A" speech.

I learned that I'm an "um" person. I said "um" THIRTY-THREE (33) times over the course of six minutes. That is a lot of "um"-ing. I looked over all my speech evaluations and under "verbal clutter" for each one, he writes "UM!" and underlines is about fifteen times.

I had no idea that I was an "um" person! I told Mike and, after laughing, he said that, yes, I do "um" when I get nervous.


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