Thursday, April 19, 2007

"Out of the quarrel with others we make rhetoric; out of the quarrel with ourselves we make poetry". --W.B. Yeats

I usually reserve my poems for Not Really An Artist, but for today, I will post a few on here.

These are poems that I have turned in to my creative writing class.

Sonnet #1
My breath leaves me as my love walks in
My mind, it does stop; my heart, it does falter
Eager, my eyes land on that expanse of skin
Her back, so sensuous, exposed by a halter
Suddenly, my exquisite view, it is hidden
As my love's love appears and stands at her side
He tastes the fruit which for me is forbidden
Not wanting to be seen, behind the wall I hide
I close my eyes and I pretend it were me
My own lips pressed to hers in a soft kiss
I love to watch, though I know we can never be
And I live in my world of imagined bliss
So I sit under a tree, in the shade so cool
I try my best not to be a voyeuristic fool.

*note: this is from the perspective of a man. i am not a lesbian*

Jazz Music--for Mike
soft music
from black speakers
into a dark room
candles create
light yellow glow
feet entwined
sprinkled with
feather soft kisses
that thrill
and feel
just like lightning
eyes connect
gaze into windows
of likened souls
hold on tight
don't let this
slip away

Little Jewel--for Lauren
I opened a lovely and ornate box to find masses of treasures untold. There was no gold, no rubies, nor anything tangible—just love and kisses so sweet. I am so happy just to watch you play, for when you smile your eyes glitter like diamonds. Your small teeth are like a row of miniature freshwater pearls. You, my princess, tell me stories every day. These tales I can never repeat. For this is a language only you speak, though somehow, I always understand. Each day brings a new surprise. “Hhhhot,” you tell me, a new word learned! But now, everything is “Hhhhot”—even that which is cold. You are so much more than a peach or a cherry; you are sweeter than the finest rose. You are my little gem for the time I have, until the day that you are grown. Will you remember me, precious girl? Will I be more than a memory? I hope someday you look through the masses of pictures and know that I will love you forever.


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