Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mini-trip Part II - got monks?

...a partial tour of the Belmont Abbey College campus. For a better tour...go there, it's right off I-85. Do you know that I am the only one of my siblings who does not live at an Abbey? Well, I think I should live at Pinckney Abbey...thought I might not be able to name my place of residence that seeing as I am not an abbot.

Here is the "nasty Texas creek," I don't know why it's called that, but there you go.

Mary admiring the nasty Texas creek.

Holy Grounds...a very unique name for a coffee house, wouldn't you say?

Mary again, checking her mail. I don't think she had any, so you need to send her some letters.

The BAC seal. If you walk over it, you won't they say. I can't recall what all of it means.

St. Leo's hall named after Leo Haid. He was not canonized. Inside is the Catholic store where you can buy really cool things, such as a bear wearing a hoodie that says "got monks?" Uh, yeah. I don't think it gets very much cooler than that. If you feel so inclined, I would like a "got monks?" coffee mug.

This is Abbey Lane. Not Abbey Road.

This is the chicken bush. The dorm in the background is Mary's dorm.

Mary took me to the cemetery. There were many monk grave sites. Some were so old that they had fallen apart! Hopefully, though, some students will be restoring them next year, I think she said.

After that, we went back up to her dorm. Her friend Tim was around, so we hung out with him and watched episodes of the Tick. Ha-ha.

On the way home, I took pictures of our giant orange butt peach in the sky for your viewing pleasure.



Tokyo Pink said...

It is technically "Texas Creek" but seeing as it's all grody, I'm calling it "nasty Texas Creek." When it was nice, I liked it. Texas pond, at the end, is not so bad. It's got fish and tadpoles (maybe they are frogs now).

Anonymous said...

That peach does look like an orange Simpsons character butt.

Anonymous said...

So how was the whether when you were out there? Did it rain all the time?

Tiffany said...

The weather was good. Can't you see the blue skies?


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