Monday, April 30, 2007

Michigan Trip, in short...

Patches the cat. She has feline HIV and has commandeered Mike's bedroom for her own. She sheds like mad and Dale used the vacuum to clean off my sweater.I found myself writing this blog in a day-by-day diary of our trip. Then I read it over and found that it was very boring. So, at the bottom is a brief summary in incomplete sentences if you're really that curious.

All in all, it was a fabulous trip. It really was. It was only about two-and-a-half days, which was the perfect amount of time. There were no fights or drama or tension, just a lot of fun.

Abbie and her Uncle MikeI got to meet more of Mike's family, all of whom I greatly enjoyed. I had the absolute best time with Racki (Mike's cousin's wife) and her son Noah. I was nervous at first because I was dropped off at their house and met Racki two minutes before Mike and the guys took off, but we got along superbly. I also got to meet Mike's sister, brother-in-law and their gaggle of children.

NoahI learned that the north isn't all that different from the south. The difference? We have more churches and hills but no Meijer's or Coney Island's. Oh and more paved roads but no Rock & Rye Faygo. But I went to Small Town, USA, and they're similar no matter where you go.

I was completely knackered when we got back to Mike's place and after lunch we fell asleep on the couch for several hours.


p.s. Oh, and my flowers were devastated after not being watered for a few days, but Mike said that the seem perkier now.

Day-by-day summary:
Fly in to DTW
Get rental car
Drive to Richmond
Chat w/ Mike's mom.
Eat at diner
Drive to Mike's house (still on a dirt road)
Watch sports
Fall asleep on couch
Arby's for dinner
Meet Mike's sister, brother-in-law & gaggle of children
Beat Mike awesomely on their Wii.

Wake up tooo early
Drive to Roseville
Left with 'stranger' in form of Mike's cousin's wife
Have an awesome day with new friend and son
International Festival
Dragon Meade

Church w/ Mike's family
Old Country Buffet for lunch
Speech exam amidst singing & ticklish children
Hungry Howie's for dinner

Try to wake up at 6am
Get out of bed at 6:30am
Race to get ready
Fly to airport
Almost get bumped
Get home


Tokyo Pink said...

You never did call uncle Jeff, did you?

Anonymous said...

Nice Pictures.


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