Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Link Exchange Program

So, as I was surfing the sites on BlogExplosion to gain more blog traffic (totally coming through as promised!) I stopped over at site where the blog owner offers to link to another blogs site in exchange for a reciprocal link. What a good idea! I am totally doing that too.

Here's the deal though, he's got something to offer. A Google page rank of 5.

Well, I don't have that. But...if you're a starter-outer like me and would like me to link to your blog in exchange for a reciprocal link, just let me know. Who knows, maybe I could eventually have a better GPR and have something more enticing to offer. (OverAnalyzed, by the way, has a rank of 4/10! W00t. But that's not for sale.)


Nita said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by at my other blog! Really appreciate it :)

Robert said...

I would love to swap links with you.

I read something somewhere that google no longet looks at reciprical links as a good thing. They have added it to one of their cancelations because everyone was sharing links. Don't know how acurate my information is though.

Hamza said...

Hey, ssup?
Read your link exchange program thingy :P... and thought you would be interested to exchange links. Eh? What say? My blog's PR2.. so, you'll benefit too :)

Blog address is http://www.stackians.com, and you can comment on any of the posts to lemme know that you've linked to me, and i'll link to you then.

What say?

Tahir said...

Well I am a new comer to the world of blogging so I am still experimenting with a free host.Still I was wondering if you would like an link exchange ???
Mine is : www.beaconites.blogsome.com

Sana Lakhani said...

Hi, i like this idea, I don't have ranking yet, but I have a pretty decent blog, check it out


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