Thursday, April 26, 2007

like a valley girl discussing astrophysics

....hmmm, very valid point.

i am an awful lot like a valley girl discussing astrophysics. i shall be honest and throw the charade aside. mary knows the truth anyway.

i am almost 100% politically apathetic.

please do not lecture me on how unfortunate this is--i am already aware. while i am single, i shall vote for whomever my father votes for and should i ever get married i shall vote for whomever my husband votes for. not because they are making/will make me, but because i am politically apathetic.

well, i have taken one government class. obviously, this makes me a expert on the subject. actually, the truth is this: at the beginning of the semester, i knew very little about the government (hence the apathy) and was hoping that this class would increase my knowledge and make me more aware.

unfortunately, it did very little of that.

anonymous's comment was very right, we're not a democracy. we're a federal republic. a-ha! see, i did learn something. (anonymous, i am assuming that you are dan a.k.a. 'd'. am i right?)

to learn even more, i have printed out several articles to scour while en route to michigan. (i think one of them was written by a, but most by professors)

why am i so interested in this topic? i am writing a speech on the flaws of the electoral college.

i was hoping for knowledged people from both sides (mary, lou, you totally left me hanging) to comment on the post.

also true: just because i think that the electoral college is stupid does not mean it really is. i just need to find more people who agree with me.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, sorry to bust your chops like that :) I'm always impressed how sharp you are about religious matters; I was more than a little shocked to see you flailing away on the EC. It mirrors the structure of the Congress almost exactly; Would you argue that the US Senate should be done away with too because it gives every state two votes regardless of population? How do US Protectorates figure into the equation? They pay US taxes and get no representation at all (other than "advisors" who don't have any power to vote) The federal government is a powerful entity, limited in very specific ways by the founding fathers. Screwing around with it's mechanics is foolhardy at best, especially when we understand it in the context of how well it's worked for the last two hundred thirty years.

Anonymous said...

So what do you have going for arguments against the EC so far? I know a few of the big ones, but they are pretty weak. You could say that it's outdated; it was designed for a time when it wasn't possible to get information about candidates out to all the people in a timely fashion. With the invention of the tv, internet, etc, it's possible for a citizen to educate themselves sufficiently before a vote. You can say that it disenfranchises voters in highly partisan states, because an overwhelming victory by a candidate in a state counts the same as a narrow victory. You can say that it thwarts the will of the people, because the electorate body is not compelled to vote for the person that the state at large supported. Those are some of the arguments against, as far as I remember.

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Lost, but loving the discussion. I'm going to the library now.

Anonymous said...

Also, I just wanted to add my observation that your black dress was in fact a steal. You looked great in your pics!


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