Thursday, April 12, 2007

I went shopping! Yes!

This Saturday, Mike and I will have officially been dating for one year. We're going out to a super-nice restaurant which requires me to wear a super-nice dress. Well, I looked through my closet and nothing at all clicked. I have one dress that I always wear when I need to dress up, but, like I said, I always wear it. And everything else is either too casual (church-type clothes) or too dressy (prom-type dresses).

So, off to the mall I went. I was prepared to spend at least $50 on a new dress but hoped that I would hit up some sales and not spend more that $20. Sometimes, department store are good like that.

Not, obviously, during prom season. Yeah. So, no racks of clearance dresses for me to check out. I did stop in Caché and try on a few super expensive dresses. One looked like underwear, one was too big for my bosom and the last made me feel really pretty. I just tried those on for fun, I'm not paying $258.00 for a party dress. Heck no!

So, I checked out all the department stores. After trying on dresses in Caché, I was spoiled and all the other dressing rooms seems like filth. (Well, okay, some didn't just seem like filth.) Needless to say, I wanted to spend some money. As I explained to Mike, this is when I can never find anything to buy--when I actually am prepared to. Not a single dress that was in my price range fit me or looked good.

People think that it's so great being super-tiny, but, I'll tell you what, it's really hard to find clothes that fit sometimes.

Well, I left the mall empty handed but not before browsing the new line of Coach bags. Too cute. As I was leaving, I overheard a man mention TJMaxx.

Well, I though, I suppose it's worth a try.

Right next to TJMaxx is Plato's Closet. A store where you can buy/sell gently used brand name clothing.

I went into Plato's Closet one of the first dresses I picked up was a little black halter. I've never owned an LBD. It was perfect. And it's got those runches around the stomach that I like. I think they're so trendy because they're so concealing. It's sexy but not revealing and it falls right below my knees. (I hate it when my knees show if I'm wearing a nice dress!)

It still had the orgiginal store tags on it, a.k.a. never worn! And it was only EIGHT DOLLARS! ($8.00) W00t!

Yay. In addition, I bought a really super-pretty skirt (originally from Express) that's all orangey and pinky with flowers and paisley and a few sequins for ten dollars. I paired it with a camisole and cardigan that I already have and it goes perfect! I'm wearing it to church on Sunday.

Now I'm off. Mike and I are going to a Greenville Drive game with a bunch of friends.



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Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought you two had been going out a lot longer by the way you talked about him. Well congratulations. Great luck on that dress too, that was a real coup.

neverhector said...

Congrats on one year!!! You have anything special planned? I think its great you go shopping with Mike. I'm a guy and I actually love it when my girlfriend brings me shopping. I don't do it often but she's honest and tells me what looks good and what doesn't (I'm no good a picking out clothes by myself). We usually go to Lord and Taylor when were buying nicer clothes. That way she gets nice stuff shes out looking for, and I can look for my clothes. Happy one year!

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