Friday, April 6, 2007

Friday 5 for April 6: A Method to this Madness

  1. What’s your routine when you sit down to read a newspaper?
    Well, it's rare that I ever read the newspaper, but if I do, it will be the Greenville Jounal. I read it cover-to-cover unless something I know of something particularly interesting on a certain page.
  2. When you fire up your web-browser on a typical day, what’s your browsing routine?
    First I check my e-mail and reply to any that need replying. Then, I check my MySpace or Facebook if I can (I can't during Lent) and do anything that is pending there (read blogs, reply to messages/comments, etc. Then I log onto Blogger and maybe write a blog and/or catch up on blogs. Other websites that I check daily, semi-daily: Campus Cruiser, Relevant Magazine, Radiant Magazine, and various comics. If I'm really bored, I may check out iVillage or other girlie websites like that.
  3. It’s time to tidy up your living space! In what order do you normally tackle things?
    Room by room. Usually I start with the kitchen, then move to the dining room, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. I tidy, then clean, then scour.
  4. Holy cow! It’s time to start thinking about Christmas shopping! How do approach this annual, sometimes-daunting task?
    Think early, shop online.
  5. What’s your method for paying bills?
    When the first of the month comes around, I sit at my kitchen table with my bills and my checkbook. I usually do this on a day off directly after doing #3.


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