Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I have the best boyfriend ever. Seriously. He buys me things that I really want all the time. (edit: insert sarcasm here.)

Except these things come with strings attached. That's right! There's no such thing as a free gift!

Ha-ha. I get so excited. Most of these gifts involve cooking, and I love to cook for him. I made one of my tired old dishes last night and it turned out sooo good. It was just chicken & rice & veggies, but the chicken (tossed in Parmesan, rosemary, extra virgin olive oil, and a hint of lime) turned out so juicy and so tender! Yum. Quite possibly the best chicken I had ever made.

He's getting me a subscription to Rachel Ray, provided that I cook him meals out of the magazine, and also he bought me two new cook books (Curries & Tapas) with the same provision. Okay, so making curry is a little intimidating, but I'll at least try. I told him to have very low expectations and he said that that wouldn't be a problem.

My latest gift? Flower pots! Yay! We were at K-Mart the other day and flower pots were 20% off and he said he'd buy me some if I planted flowers in them. Yes! So, a few days later, on Sunday, we went to Lowe's and we bought some flowers. A pink calla lily, a Shasta daisy (though ours looks a bit yellow...) and a red dahlia. I love the dahlia, I think it's my new favorite flower. I'm pretty enamored with gerbera daisies. Last spring, I was at Lowe's and there were gerbera daisies everywhere! Oh well. I've never planted my own flowers before and I'm excited to see how our flowers turn out.



Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Yay! I want to hear all about your flowers' lives. I'm planting gerber daisies for the first time in my life also outside our house! (I love flowers, but Jeremy teases me that all I have to do is walk past them and they die. That's pretty much true, too. He knows that he has to buy me only cut flowers from now on, because then I know that they were supposed to die anyway.)

Anonymous said...

You should grow some tomatoes you can use in your cooking. Nothing's better than free vegtables!

Flowers said...

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