Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dancing With The Stars

Weekdays at 7:30pm is a special time. Why? It's time for Jeopardy! Barring certain circumstances (special dinners, soup, etc) Mike and I sit on the couch with our dinners to watch Jeopardy and call out (sometimes right) answers between bites.

Well, after Jeopardy ended, Dancing With The Stars came on. I had never seen the show before and thought it might be interesting.

Well...despite the boring routines, the slutty outfits, and the annoying judges, it was really good.

Oh wait, it wasn't.

This particular evening, the "stars" were dancing either the "bull fight" dance or the waltz. I preferred it when the couples chose the waltz because it seemed like the other dancers tried too hard to be good but to no avail. I was hoping for some nice pretty flowing gowns from the waltzing girls. But no. They were wearing very backless gowns that were slit up to here and probably double-stick-taped to their skin.

If I want to watch Apollo Anton Ono, I'll watch the Winter Olympics.

For your viewing pleasure, I have filled this post with pictures of John Ratzenberg and Edyta Sliwinska the dancers I disliked the most. I'll give John credit for being able to move like that, but still... Oy. They had the weirdest routine (he was supposed to be a wizard turning a swamp girl into a witch) and she was wearing the worst costume ever. Half of it was missing and the other half looked like a bed sheet.

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