Saturday, March 3, 2007

Whenever I want you, all I have to do is dream.

So, the first thing I can remember is walking down some hallway talking with someone that I think may have been Mike.

"I cannot believe I forgot about my baby! I mean, who the heck forgets they have a baby?" I was incredibly frustrated with myself. Apparently, I had a baby. I had delivered him only a week ago and had not seen him since.

After following the hallway and taking a few turns, we found ourselves in a foyer. There was my baby. Luke had him.

He was a big boy too. About twenty pounds and looking anything like a one-week-old baby. More like nine months old or something. His head was oblong shaped and upon picking him up, he felt like a lot more than twenty pounds. Luke let me borrow a car, apparently it belonged to the school which both Luke and I attended. It was a black and red car, very hideous, and looked something like a PT Cruiser. There was no car seat, though I vaguely remember a baby carrier. I just put my baby on the floor where he happily lay while I drove to the nearest baby superstore.

I looked around at all the stuff. All the expensive stuff that I had to buy. With my baby on my hip, I wandered past the many selections of formula. I considered buying some, as I had not nursed him at all and I guess I had dried up. I was a bit too embarrassed to buy formula though, I did not want people to know that I did not nurse my baby.

A few old ladies came in the store, and I guess I knew who they were, because I let them hold my baby and play with him while I looked around. When I went to the front of the store, Luke was sitting here.

"Where's my baby?" I asked.

He shrugged nonchalantly. I freaked out. I went outside to check the car. The car was gone too! What had happened?

Everything blurs now, but I remember Mike driving me around. He stopped at a gas station and my phone rang. It was one of the old ladies who had my baby! She said that I'd get him back at the end of the week!

And then I woke up.



Anonymous said...

Yikes, nothing like those wierd NyQull dreams.

Milwaukee Girl said...

Wow. Wonder what the underlining feelings are behind that one? Something so little but feels so big weighing in on your world that needs more attention?

Or perhaps just a break needed from the kids ...

Tokyo Pink said...

You are destined to loose all your fat babies.


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