Thursday, March 8, 2007


I'm well now. Completely better except for my throat and all the coughing. Unfortunately, I've passed it on to my love. Yes, I've repaid the one who took care of me while I was sick by transferring my illness to him.

How gracious of me.

We're in his living room, right now, on this plush couch of his that is, most likely, our mutually favorite place to be. I even gave him a Valentine's Day card with a couple sitting on a couch. How apt. He's lying down, sleeping at one end. I'm sitting at the other, my legs extended. I thought he was sleeping, and he reached over and took my foot and held it. Just so he could hold a part of me.

His leg next to me just twitched. And I realized that there is something very intimate about knowing a person so fully that you know their behaviors when the sleep.


1 comment:

Milwaukee Girl said...

See, now it's your turn to take care of him!


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