Sunday, March 18, 2007

Switchfoot w/ Copeland

Yep. That's where I'm going tonight! To see Copeland and Switchfoot at the Orange Peel(a social aid and pleasure club--whatever that means) It's a sold out show and in and interview with B93.7, Switchfoot said that they were going to light their drummer on fire as part of the show. But he didn't know it yet. My friend Marco says that Switchfoot puts on a great show. So, I'm super excited.

I'm finally getting over being sick. Sort of. My voice is still off and I can't sing at church. I *hate* it when that happens. I love to sing and church! I'm still coughing through the night, but it is getting better.

Next week, it's just me and little Lauren! I'm excited. I'll miss Alex, but hopefully, Lauren and I can have a play date and some fun girly bonding time. That girl is such a miss priss, it is so cute. She is a girl after my own heart--her favorite color is pink!

Mike just bought this awesome wine bar for his dining room. It matches his dining room table perfectly. It will be really useful as a buffet when there are dinner parties to be had! And now that we're both feeling better, I think there is one in the near future. Yay!

I feel like I've been so lax on the friendship thing lately. So if you are my friend and we haven't talked in a while, I miss you! I'll try to be better about this.

A random plug for Tokyo Pink: go to Red Cat Stills. It's my sister's CRAZY photo blog.



Tokyo Pink said...

Thank you Tiffizzle!!! You rock! Pretty much. Yeah! :-)

Proud Mom of Teen said...

Your friend was right, Switchfoot puts on a great show. I saw them in October and it was memorable.

My daughter (a teen) and I (much, much older!) both thought it was the best concert we'd ever been to...and it was our third that month.

If you like them on CD, you'll love them live. As with all the best bands, electronics don't really capture it. They are so much better live that you find yourself wondering, who are these guys?



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