Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Switchfoot w/ Copeland @ The Orange Peel

Sunday night, Mike and I went to the sold out Switchfoot show at The Orange Peel in Asheville, NC. The music was great and, from what I am told, the show was great too. What? Why did I not see the show? Because I am 5"2. I am very short. The only people at the all-ages show that were as short as me were the twelve year olds. Okay, that is a slight exaggeration. Once the big massive ceiling fan started moving, I had a good time. Before that it was far too hot in the crowded listening room.

Copeland came on stage first. I like Copeland, but I do not know many of their songs. They sang one that I kind of knew--but I cannot remember what it was. Ha-ha. I was really hoping that they would sing "You Love To Sing," but, alas, no. The lead singer continuously referred to Switchfoot as "Switchfeet" just to annoy some of the audience. That was funny.

After what seemed to be a very long intermission, Switchfoot took their places. I'm not a huge Switchfoot fan, so I only knew the songs from their really popular CD, The Beautiful Letdown. There was a boy from the audience coming on stage to play the cowbell and a girl from the audience crowd surfing (Mike jokingly motioned for me to get up there too. "Yeah," I said, "I'm sure you would love all those guys touching my butt!"). Towards the end of the concert, the lead singer walked through the masses to the back of the crowd. I liked that because then I could see him. :-D

Though I had a fun time, I came to the conclusion that I wasn't much a fan of sold-out shows in small venues. Mostly because I'm short and people tend to back up into me.

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