Thursday, March 1, 2007

Road trippin'

I haven't done very much dissecting as of late and I apologize. I feel like my blog has gotten really boring lately. I've just got nothing to say. Not much. I mean...lately, my day's have been pretty typical.

I am going on a lot of trips this summer, though. I might be going to Orlando at the end of May for work. And I'm definitely going to Boston in June with my church. Yes, a mission trip. My dad asked me what I was going to Boston for, and I told him what we were going to be doing without using the words "mission trip." And I know that most people have totally grown up around that word and cannot imagine for the life of them why I avoided it. To be very blunt, it's a very 'Protestant' word. Catholics go on mission trips, but they do not call them so. My sister worked on the mission field for a year.

Don't think that I'm embarrassed or ashamed or anything like that to be participating in a mission trip. I'm super excited. I just want my dad to know what I'm up to without rubbing my evangelicalism in his face. You know? It's probably just me being weird.

Oh and it's High Cotton date night! ;-)


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