Saturday, March 17, 2007

Rigaletto & NCAA

Last Thursday, Mike and I went to Bob Jones University to see "Rigoletto." The show was part of BJU's Concert, Opera, & Drama Series. (a.k.a. Artist Series.) If you have never been to an ArtistSeries at Bob Jones, this deserves a review in and of itself. As an outsider, I am (mostly) unaware of the BJU customs. Artist Series is a big deal. There are (obviously) no dances or any of that nonsense and BJU, so the Artist Series is pretty much (from what I can tell) they're only excuse to dress up. Boy, do they go all out--prom dresses, curls and all. The boys bring the girls gifts to prove their affection and, as I just learned, the girls also get the boys something. Most of the girls get flowers, I guess the boys get candy or some other non-girly gift. I saw a young man in a tuxedo carrying a bag a grapes.

I had never been to an opera. What I discovered was this: An opera is a musical in another language. I had to look up and read the subtitles and then look down to catch the actors. Look up, look down, look up, look down. That part was annoying. I need to learn Italian. The singing was BEAUTIFUL though. The set was well done and the costumes were fab. BJU puts on a good show.

Though I did enjoyed most of it, the NCAA March Madness tournament was on at home. We ended up leaving at intermission to watched the Michigan State vs. Marquette game. While this may make us a very uncultured couple, Mike had Marquette on his bracket, I had Michigan State.

I win. :-)

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